A place where

teaching and learning spanish

becomes a passion and lifestyle. At Anda, we have a passion for teaching language and culture. We offer different options to Parents who want to enroll their little ones in Spanish class! Studies show that the earlier a child is exposed to a second language the easier it is to master it! 


Gain spanish for your personal or career.

Meet in groups & private options.

Immerse language with cultural learning.


Virtual classroom learning available!

Lesson plans for teachers or parents teaching their children at home .

Spanish classes for adults (basic to advanced conversation).


Sign up and purchase classes for you.

With a click of a button gain access to spanish learning.

Utilize the stripe system to make payments.

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Are You Ready to Really SPEAK Spanish ??

Ready to REALLY Learn Spanish? Here are a few tips… Here are resources that will help you along your Spanish learning journey. One of the pillars of our educational model is the autonomy and responsibility a student has over his or her learning process. That means you can learn at your pace, in a group or…

Teaching Meaningful Black History This Month in the Classroom

Okay, a super quick note about the abundant posts I’ve seen recently about Black History and those we are choosing to celebrate this month.  There is an interesting conundrum of what constitutes black history and how we encourage our children to make black history themselves. We love to celebrate our history, 365, but especially in…

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