A place where

teaching and learning spanish

becomes a passion and lifestyle. At Anda, we have a passion for teaching language and culture. We offer different options for parents who want to enroll their little ones in Spanish class to adults who want to tackle a second language.

Spanish for Adults

Gain spanish for your personal or career.

Meet in groups or private options available.

Spanish classes for adults (basic to advanced conversation)

Spanish for Kids

Virtual classroom learning available!

Lesson plans for teachers or parents teaching their children at home.

Immerse teaching with cultural learning.

Professional Services

Translation of documents from English to Spanish.

Facilitation of equity workshops.

Professional development for educators.



The Anda Experience

"Anda offers a great value and a wonderful experience to learn Spanish. Classes are engaging, informational,
and fun. Thanks!"
Zach B.
Completed Intro Session
"I don't think I had any way of knowing how great this would be for both of the boys. They are using the language at home and asking questions in Spanish..."
Sara M.
Sons enrolled in classes
"I learned so much more in this format than from other Beginner Spanish classes I have tried. I have tried. I have even been able to use what I've learned to communicate with our school community during e-learning."
Kelly E.
Completed Intro Session

Las NOticias

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Are You Ready to Really SPEAK Spanish ??

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