Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen community bonds and connections by providing cultural and linguistic education, resources, advocacy and to eliminate barriers that separate communities today.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the bridge that allows businesses to connect to all their clients no matter their language, race, or ethnicity and provide the ultimate resource for all the members of our community to empower themselves to experience their city on their terms.

Our History

¡Anda! Language Solutions was created with a specific goal in mind: to transform the way two people who don’t speak the same language interact. Not only do we build bridges through our document translations and our one-of-a-kind interpreting service, but also by teaching the language to all those desiring to connect on a more personal level.


Be present and focus on how to build bridges where there are few or none.

Honor cultures and respect the differences in ourselves and everyone we serve.

Remember that at our foundation we exist to serve, to provide solutions, to make connection and communication easier and more enjoyable.

Be the change you seek in the world. Know that you can always grow and that knowledge can only help you get there.

They are inevitable, but we can always control our attitude, and that makes all the difference with the outcome.