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2019 Spring Break Immersion Camp

Our trip to the zoológico

Fun Immersion Camps for Kids

Ages 3-12

2019 Spring Break Immersion Camp

Our trip to the zoológico

Fun Immersion Camps for Kids

Ages 3-12
What is Cajita?? (ka-hee-tah- which means little box)~ It’s a Comprehensive Spanish Program for Kids. This is what you’ll get—> -Weekly interactive online sessions with a live teacher. The sessions will be 25-30 minutes and can be with just one kiddo or with siblings or the whole family. Our teachers are trained to interact with

-Exceptional authentic and curated literature that are sure to become classics and bedtime favorites in your home. When possible we will send bilingual books so they can be read in English AND Spanish. We encourage the reading to the child in both languages as there are numerous studies that show the most retention of a new language happens when correlations are made with the home language. We also will provide video readings of all the books so that if you don’t speak Spanish, we can read the new book to your child by video any time! They in turn will learn the new vocabulary and the book quickly and be ready for the next weeks lesson.

-We also will provide numerous curriculum materials for you to guide your child’s learning throughout the week if you so choose.

We are teachers with a pasión for connecting communities. Early language learning lays a strong foundation for a lifetime of culturally rich friendships, expanded career opportunities, more meaningful travel experiences, and an overall appreciation for how others view the world. At Anda, we are committed to opening this door of opportunity to as many children as possible, many of whom would not be exposed to a second language until high school.

Our Spanish for Early Learners program provides high-quality Spanish language lessons designed to help children ages 2-11 speak meaningful Spanish, not just numbers and colors.

Our custom curriculum is aligned with the Indiana Foundations for Early Learning and NAEYC standards for curriculum. While language acquisition is at the core of every lesson, we also focus on social emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

Science supports learning a second language at an early age, as it:

  • increases cognitive development.
  • supports academic achievement in areas such as English and Math.
  • is correlated to higher test scores.
  • improves verbal and spatial ability, along with memory.
  • is easier than acquiring language after age 11.

Our classes are anything but ordinary. We use music, dramatic play, literature, manipulative, dance, movement, poetry, and a close partnership with parents and lead teachers to help make the most of our language lessons.

Here’s what we have coming up!

Weekly Classes . To sign up, click here  and send us your information. Specify that you would like to enroll a child in weekly Spanish classes. If you know the day and time, mention that too! We will get back to you within 1 business day.