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Hi there! We are so excited that you are ready to learn Spanish! We can think of nothing better to invest in your future than to speak the language of your neighbors, your community, your travel destination, your clients, or your patients. we know you will not regret your decision to learn Spanish. It is a great investment as it unlocks a whole new world of culture, travel, opportunity, and connection with those around us. Please let us know whatever questions you have regarding our program and how we can further be of assistance. Contact us to sign up.


Did you take Spanish in high school or college? Have you ever said the words, I can read really well but I can’t speak it? Or, I can understand but I can’t answer back? All of the former scenarios are very common as most courses don’t give you the practical tools needed to survive a real life conversation in a second language. However, even if this is you first exposure to the Spanish language, we want you to be successful from the beginning. All of our courses are conversation and comprehension oriented so we focus on getting you to the business of speaking from day 1. 


We offer private classes that can begin whenever you are ready that can be in person or online, whichever is your preference, and scheduling can usually be pretty flexible. There is a great advantage to learning in a private setting. You will set the pace of the instruction and you will also determine the style of the lessons. Since everyone learns differently, this means you will maximize the hour of Spanish learning. The cost of those sessions begin at $50 but decrease if you purchase a package of 12 sessions ($575) or 24 sessions ($1100).


  1. For the group classes, we start new beginner sessions every August and January and they last 12 weeks.  All classes are virtual at this time. The cost is $260 per session. 
  2. Fall classes will run as follows: August 31- November 23 (no classes labor day) . All class times are EST.

Mondays at 5:00pm- In our intro class we focus on the fundamentals of conversation and present tense verbs to get you speaking right away. 

Tuesdays at 5:00pm- Beyond the Basics- if you have already been exposed to conversational basics like simple verb conjugation and fundamental grammar rules, this course is a great starting point! In Intermediate Spanish 1 we continue to help you master basic verb conjugation and introduce the past tenses. We also have several lessons that focus on conversational application and really give you a chance to USE Spanish in a practical way. You will be well on your way to fluency with this session.

Mondays at 6:00pm– This course is designed for those who are comfortable having a basic conversation and are ready to learn more advanced grammer like Future, Conditional, Perfect and Immperative Tenses. As all our courses we will focus on mastery of conversation. If you are nmot comfortable having basic conversation we recommend starting at the Intro or Intermediate 1 level.

Tuesdays at 6:00pm- Here we dial into the nuance of language and learn how to express ourselces in a more comprehensible way. We spend a lot of time talking about subjunctive tense in this course.  

Thursdays at 6:00pm (45 minute class)- Do you have all the grammar puzzle pieces and just need space to put them together and master conversational skills? This is the course for you. We do not focus on grammar, but rather the instructor will lead you in Spanish conversations and give you opportunities to work on your fluency.

*Reduced cost for this course- $150*


Are you interested in a Spanish Class for your career, optimized to facilitate communication with your patients, clients, and/ or coworkers? See our professional services page for more information.

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