We hope the answer is yes because we are so excited that you found ¡Anda! to help you learn Spanish! We can think of nothing better to invest in your future, and that of your business than to speak the language of your public. We offer online webinars that cater to your specific industry such as dental, medical, legal, financial, business, fitness, and so many more. Just want to learn Spanish? No industry? Just want some extra instruction but you’ve already got the basics? No problem! We cater to you as well. We just need a little more info to place you in the right webinar. It doesn’t matter which category you fall into, each webinar lasts 4 weeks (once per week for one hour), and that will arm you with a ton of knowledge to go out and conquer the world. Need more than that? No worries!! We offer private tutoring / small group webinars beyond the initial courses to take you all the way from the fundamentals progressing to complete fluency. Let us cater to your needs and teach you what you need to know. Click learn Spanish to request a consultation about one of our webinars. Please specify your industry and your current level of Spanish. Also specify your available times to take a webinar, because after all, we want to make it super convenient for you

Our certified language instructors meet strict criteria for high fluency and are extremely passionate about sharing a new language and culture with you.

We offer highly customized classes that correspond to your specific needs. A large company wants on-site classes for their employees. A small business owner wants to learn a language as a way to connect with clients. Group classes are typically four weeks for 60 minutes per class. Individual tutoring is as often as you desire.

Four session group classes are $95 with guaranteed satisfaction.  Individual tutoring begins at $35 an hour.


Beginner Spanish

Dental Spanish Terminology

Cultural Training

¡Aprenda inglés! English as a Second Language for Adults