What is Cajita??

It’s a Comprehensive Spanish Program for Kids. This is what you’ll get—>

-Weekly interactive online sessions with a live teacher. The sessions will be 25-30 minutes and can be with just one kiddo or with siblings or the whole family. Our teachers are trained to interact with the child in a way that will be engaging and fun. The materials provided in the Cajita are designed to work right along with your child and their teacher to keep them engaged and learning Spanish in a natural way.

-A monthly box that is delivered to your doorstep that is jam packed with high quality age-appropriate materials, activities, and games that will extend language learning beyond the computer or tablet into playtime all throughout the week.

a Comprehensive Spanish Program for Kids

-Exceptional authentic and curated literature that are sure to become classics and bedtime favorites in your home. When possible we will send bilingual books so they can be read in English AND Spanish. We encourage the reading to the child in both languages as there are numerous studies that show the most retention of a new language happens when correlations are made with the home language. We also will provide video readings of all the books so that if you don’t speak Spanish, we can read the new book to your child by video any time! They in turn will learn the new vocabulary and the book quickly and be ready for the next weeks lesson.

-We also will provide numerous curriculum materials for you to guide your child’s learning throughout the week if you so choose.