We boast a staff of dedicated interpreters that are standing by to serve you as a member and your business. This is not your cookie cutter interpreter service. ¡Anda! takes the time to really get to know our members and we make sure all staff go through training to be up to date on the unique terminology that they use in their industry. That gives them something that no other interpreter service provides and maybe not even a Spanish-speaking employee: insurance that the message that you are wanting to deliver is the intended one. That is why legal interpreters must be certified in legal terminology and medical interpreters must be certified in medical terminology. Doesn’t it make sense then that a dental office should rely on an interpreter that is certified in dental terminology? An accountant should be confident that his interpreter is completely competent and up to date with financial terms, right? That is what we do, we are here to serve you!   Imagine having your interpreter in your pocket that you can use just as you need without an appointment. Being an Anda Language Solutions Member gives you unlimited and immediate access to certified interpreters. This goes beyond simply speaking a language fluently. Feel confident that your message is being heard and understood decreasing any limitations created by a language barrier and increasing production which equals growth for you. Only need the service a few times a month? Every day? Don’t want to pay per minute? We have flexible plans to suit your specific needs. Much less than tradition interpreters with a higher knowledge base of career specific terminology including but not limited to dental, medical, legal, physical fitness, and childhood education.   Contact us by clicking here and a member specialist will contact you within 24 hours.