About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen community bonds and connections by providing cultural and linguistic education, resources, advocacy and to eliminate barriers that separate communities today.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the bridge that allows businesses to connect to all their clients no matter their language, race, or ethnicity and provide the ultimate resource for all the members of our community to empower themselves to experience their city on their terms.

Our History

¡Anda! Language Solutions was created with a specific goal in mind: to transform the way two people who don’t speak the same language interact. Not only do we build bridges through our document translations and our one-of-a-kind interpreting service, but also by teaching the language to all those desiring to connect on a more personal level.


Be present and focus on how to build bridges where there are few or none.

Honor cultures and respect the differences in ourselves and everyone we serve.

Remember that at our foundation we exist to serve, to provide solutions, to make connection and communication easier and more enjoyable.

Be the change you seek in the world. Know that you can always grow and that knowledge can only help you get there.

They are inevitable, but we can always control our attitude, and that makes all the difference with the outcome.

Here is what we do and how we are different:

Our company was founded by CEO Nicole Montiel LDH in Indianapolis, IN.  She has a passion for all language and has perfected her Spanish through formal studies of Spanish literature and Spanish language and also many cultural  studies and experiences abroad.  In 2007, she began a career in the field of dentistry. She then quickly realized what a challenge providing adequate patient care to Spanish-speaking patients seemed to be for many providers who didn’t speak the language. Patient compliance and treatment plan acceptance was much lower among this population, and Nicole knew that it was because of a lack of understanding, by the patient and also by the provider who didn’t understand cultural differences. Since then she has made it her mission to advocate for patient education to all who do have the resources to give it. This has included teaching continuing education Spanish courses for her colleagues and then expanding to other professional fields.  Aside from day to day operations with ¡Anda!, Nicole enjoys spending time with her children and sharing with them at every opportunity the beauty in other cultures. Our logo is inspired of one of her cultural fascinations: the embroidered Tenango Bird of Tenango de Doria, Hidalgo, Mexico.

Certified Document Translation:

Details matter. Accuracy is of utmost importance with translating a document, but it is not the only thing that matters. ¡Anda! is here to give you the translation that you are looking for that reflects your core values, with the feel that you intend, delivering the exact message you desire. We work closely with our clients to ensure we first understand what is being communicated, and then we portray that message taking into consideration subtleties of the language and also cultural factors. Be assured that with ¡Anda! you are getting the best translation available.

Certified Interpreting Service:

We boast a staff of dedicated interpreters that are standing by to serve you as a member and your business. This is not your cookie cutter interpreter service. ¡Anda! takes the time to really get to know our members and we make sure all staff go through training to be up to date on the unique terminology that they use in their industry. That gives them something that no other interpreter service provides and maybe not even a Spanish-speaking employee: insurance that the message that you are wanting to deliver is the intended one. That is why legal interpreters must be certified in legal terminology and medical interpreters must be certified in medical terminology. Doesn’t it make sense then that a dental office should rely on an interpreter that is certified in dental terminology? An accountant should be confident that his interpreter is completely competent and up to date with financial terms, right? That is what we do, we are here to serve you!

Learn a New Language:

Ready to take your business to a whole new level? Learn to connect with your patients or clients by speaking their language. We offer 4 week webinars that will train you in the basics of Spanish in your specific industry. You will learn grammar, vocabulary, and culture as it pertains to your field so it is highly individualized to your particular needs. We currently offer training for health care professionals, attorneys, dental professionals, fitness professionals, accountants, and business owners. However, we are more than willing to train you in the field you desire.If you desire an in person seminar for a larger staff training, we can make arrangements to accommodate.  Connect with ¡Anda! today for more info!